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Tulsimer ® T-46 Li is a specially developed premium grade strongly acidic cation exchange resin containing nuclear sulphonic acid groups with excellent physical and chemical stability for use in the nuclear industry.

Tulsimer ®T-46 Li is primarily used for purification of reactor coolant water and moderator in nuclear power station plants to keep corrosion products to the minimum and thus protect the heat transfer surfaces from scaling and corrosion.

Tulsimer ® T-46 Li is supplied in hydrogen, lithium and ammonium forms to facilitate control of the pH of coolant water at a value that would result in practically negligible attach on metal surface by the coolant water.

Tulsimer ® T-46 Li is manufactured under the most stringent quality controls to ensure minimal metallic impurities esulting in the highest purity of the ionic form supplied.



Matrix structure

Polystyrene copolymer

Functional group

Nuclear Sulphonic

Physical form

Moist spherical beads

Ionic form


Screen size US  mesh

16 to50

Particle size (minm. 95%)

0.3 to1.2mm

Moisture content

52± 3% H form.50± 3% Li form

Backwash settled density

800 to 840 g/l (50 - 52 lbs/cft) (H+)

Thermal stability

250 °F / 120 °C

pH range

0 to 14

Fines content

Less than 0.5% through 50 USS

Bead strength

Not less than 500 g/bead


Insoluble in all common solvents

Total exchange capacity

1.8 meq/ml for H+ (min. 99% of its exchange sites in the form supplied)


操作条件(OPERATION CONDITIONS):Tulsimer ®T-46 Li            

最小树脂床高度(Bed depth , mini mm)


最大(Service flow rate ,Maxi )

120 m3/hr/ m3

逆洗水量(Backwash flow rate)

9 to 25 m3/hr/ m3

逆洗浮動空間(Back wash expansion)

40 to 75%

再生药剂(Regenerant )

HCl, H2SO4 for H+ form,

再生药剂用量(Regeneration levels. )

30 to 120 gms HCl/ lit.

40 to 250 gms H2SO4/ lit.

再生药剂浓度(Regeneration concentration)

3 - 5% HCl, 1.5 to 3% H2SO4

最少通再生药剂时间(Regeneration Contact time, mini)

20 min

再生流量(Regeneration flow rate )

5 to 16 m3/hr/ m3

Regeneration slow rinse

2 BV mini.

快洗用水(Fast Rinse )

Service flow rate.

快洗水量(Fast Rinse Volume)

4 to 6 BV



The sampling and testing of ion exchange resins is done as per standard testing procedures, namely
ASTMD-2187 and IS-7330, 1998.



Super sacks

1000 liters

Super sacks

35 cft

MS drums

180  liters

Fiber drums

7 cft

HDPE lined bags

25    liters

HDPE lined bags

1 cft


For Handling, Safety and Storage requirements please refer to the individual Material Safety Data

Sheets available at our offices. The data included herein are based on test information obtained by Thermax Limited. These data are believed to be reliable, but do not imply any warranty or performance guarantee. Tolerances for characteristics are as per BIS/ASTM. We recommend that the user should determine the performance of the product by testing on own processing equipment.